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3 good reasons to go to Algarve, Portugal

3 good reasons to go to Algarve, Portugal

Posted by Escape and co. | 16th January 2017 | Escape, Travel
3 good reasons to go to Algarve, Portugal

Algarve is the perfect holiday destination. With sea, sun and culture, Algarve will sate your wanderlust with its red-cliffed coastline and idyllic Moorish villages. You’ll experience the joys of wandering – strolling on the beautiful deserted beaches, enjoying the most perfect light, the slow-paced environment and the delicious fresh food. All these reasons why we have organised an idyllic yoga retreat in a few months. Check out the details and book your trip to paradise…

Its pittoresque villages

Algarve is home to some of the most beautiful villages of Portugal. The most charming city on the coast is Tavira, located on the palm-lined banks of the River Gilão. Its origins, dating back to 2000BC, are reflected in its mix of architectural styles. A wander through the town’s warren of cobbled streets reveals a Roman bridge, Moorish whitewashed houses and numerous 18th century churches. More Moorish architecture can be explored in the towns of Silves, with its recently restored castle, and the fishing port of Olhão, with white cubed houses and one of the most animated and picturesque markets of the Algarve selling an enormous variety of seafood and local produce.

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Its beautiful coastline and beaches

Enjoy an off the beaten track holiday discovering the beautiful and peculiar coastline of Algarve. The 125 miles deserted high-cliffed sun-drenched beaches will make you discover a new kind of beach culture!

The Incredible food

If you’re a foodie, then Algarve is definitely a place for you! It is home to 6 of the 14 Michelin starred restaurants. And did you know that Bacalhau, the national fish dish, can be made in 365 different ways? Also, if you’re a wine lover, you’ll have to try the Aguardiente, a strong fortified wine (40%!)

3 good reasons to go to Algarve, Portugal

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