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5 tips for a top-notch New Years Eve

5 tips for a top-notch New Years Eve

Posted by Escape and co. | 27th December 2016 | Inspirations
5 Tips for New Years Eve

Pimp your table

For a stunning New Years eve, pimp your dining table and decoration with a few easy tricks: chandeliers, center pieces, table runner or just candles will do the job. We also like to make our own wreaths and place a candle in the center. You will find a very easy DIY on our blog with a step-by-step guide. For a more industrial look, use golden spraypaint to cover wine bottles and use it as a candle holder.

Give lighting a thought

Fairy lights, candles, sparklers… A special lighting will give a warm touch to your atmosphere.

Stunning finger food that will impress your guests

Finger food will be the first thing your guests will be eating, so better give a good impression. Here are a couple of easy recipes: bruschettas, asparagus and bacon, cheese platter, onion tartlets or pesto Christmas tree.

Find simple yet stunning desert recipes

Deserts… Meringue, Pavlovas, chocolate tarts or cakes. No need to spend hours in the kitchen to impress your guests. I personally love recipes from Donna Hay or Mimi Thorisson – they both create simple yet yummy deserts.

Pimp your cocktail

As for cocktails, they are a great way to twist a simple prosecco or gin and make it more festive for your guests: Cranberry mimosas, grapefruit gin, berry spritz, pomegranate spritz…

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