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Our clients have one thing in common: they want an authentic experience full of substance and little fluff.

Our clients are individuals and companies who are looking for an out of the ordinary experience which they can afford. We work with clients that want to be taken on a journey, rather than a trip, and trust our commitment to deliver elegant and high-quality experiences.

“What matters most for us about our venues is that they have a story and not just a swimming pool.”


Philippine Delouvrier

Escape and co. was founded by Philippine Delouvrier. Philippine likes to create concepts and to implement them down to the very last detail.


Philippine has experience working in both project management and marketing for luxury companies. She is practiced in engaging clients in well organised authentic experiences.


Philippine has always been interested in quality travelling, Art and food since her childhood. These passions have grown being raised in a family of travellers and food and art lovers. She spends her time scouting the world with a creative eye for the most unique, exciting locations. Her extensive experience living abroad has enabled her to forge a strong European network of partners with local expertise.

Philippine has always been intrigued by the food scene and has been complimenting her events work with an eye for the latest trends and inspired menus.