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Charlotte | Founder of Garmence Wine Studio

Charlotte | Founder of Garmence Wine Studio

Posted by Escape and co. | 27th January 2017 | Portraits

Charlotte is the founder of Garmence Wine Studio. They are crafting and distributing wines from France, Italy and Spain and like to make things slightly different. Garmence can be seen as a fashion brand only that they are selling wine.

Learn more about Charlotte and her wine collections.

Could you explain your business in a few words?

Garmence is an online wine brand created by a family of Bordeaux winemakers, especially my Father and I, respectively 6th and 7th generation in the wine industry.

Under Garmence, we offer capsule collections of micro cuvée from top vineyards in France, Spain and Italy that we exclusively crafted for Garmence. Our clients choose online their favorite bottles and get delivered  everywhere in the UK. The goal is to bring trust and transparency to a category that can be very confusing for the consumer.

Why did you decide to start your own business and why this idea?

I have been raised by a family of entrepreneurs so I guess it was always my normality: the ups and downs, the great victories and the stress that go with it. I always wanted to create something based on my wine heritage but with a more upbeat twist, elevate the image of wine.

Any interesting upcoming projects that you would like to share?

Garmence wine studio is growing and we are also extending our distribution to other countries via like minded retailers. We also deliver now nationwide which was something we have been working on. So you can order Garmence wines from all over the UK!

What are you most proud of?

Working with my family, whatever happens we got each other’s back. I love discussing business and strategy with my mother and my father. And without them Garmence would not be so I am very proud we are doing this together. Each of us has something to bring.

Which is your favourite wine?

It really depends on the mood but lately I have been falling in love with red and whites from the Rhine Valley and valpolicella in Italy

If you would be a wine, which one would it be and why? 

Hmm difficult to say about yourself! I think I’ll be a vintage champagne quite versatile but still a diva!

What is your favourite food / wine association? 

Food and wine is already a good start! But I love pairing dark chocolate with deep red wines

What is your favourite thing in the world?

The art of hanging out with fun people, amazing food and wines. Especially on holidays when in France, you spend most of your time either preparing the food or at the table!

Which is your favourite place (restaurant / hotel / museum / village etc.)? Any good tip?

Cap Ferret is my little sanctuary. I grew up in Bordeaux and I was every single weekend winter included there. It used to be quite remote and unknown and now is a bit of a victim of its own success! The best to me is to go outside of the high season like in September, and go for a glass of white and oysters in the little fishing cabanons by the sea. It’s perfection!

What is the best trip you have done and why?

While leaving in Buenos Aires about 10 years ago I backpacked with a friend for 3 months from Argentina to Brazil with stops in Chile, Peru and the Amazon (we took a 5 days boat to reach Brazil from Peru!). I am in love with Latin America so that’s one of the reasons, but also because we had no plans and a lot of time on our hands which make the best adventures. We met so many people, lived a few weeks with a few, had time to discover local culture. I very often think of this trip with a smile. And we were a bit unconscious…!

Which is your favourite deco / brand / e-shop / concept store of the moment?

I love www.rockettstgeorge.co.uk for their super affordable and stylish accessories and www.achica.co.uk which offers private sales of designer’s furniture – great style + great deals!


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