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5 best Christmas Gift Ideas 2016

5 best Christmas Gift Ideas 2016

Posted by Escape and co. | 30th November 2016 | Wishlist
Xmas Wishlist

For deco lovers | A Berber carpet from Les Oies Sauvages

Les Oies Sauvages has an amazing selection of ethnic decoration pieces and craftsmanship sourced directly from tiny villages in Morocco. Berber carpets, cushions, stools, decorative accessories… This is the perfect gift to pimp your interior. For the ultimate present, you also have the option to order a tailor-made carpet which will fit your home perfectly.

Check out their beautiful e-shop at www.les-oies-sauvages.com.

For fashionistas | A piece of jewellery from Imaï

Imaï is the jewellery brand from Paris that every girl will love. Each collection is a subtle mix of elegance and rock’n’roll thanks to their timeless essentials such as pearls, beautiful stones and golden or silver chains. Every piece is made by hand and produced in small quantities in their Atelier in the Parisian area.

Their collection is available on www.imai-shop.com.


Happy Duck is the new bathing suit brand on the block and the perfect gift for an assorted family on the beach. The beautiful matching designs for men and kids will make everyone happy – and stylish! Their bathing suits are available all year round with exclusive patterns and a fabric which dries in a few seconds!

Check out the 2016 collection on www.happyduck.com.

For Wine lovers | A subscription from Garmence Wine Studio

What would we do without a good wine?… Garmence has the solution which fits every character. And why not offer a wine subscription from Garmence to your sister, girlfriend, mum or aunt for Christmas? No worries, no need to know about wine to order at Garmence! As they say, the most important is that you like it. And trust me, all wines are delicious (my favourite is the Plan de Dieu) and come from top vineyards from France, Italy and Spain. The subscription is very easy: Receive a box of 3 mixed bottles, monthly or fortnightly during the period of your choice. Choose your bottles among bundles: Surprise Me, Ménage a 3, Clockwork White, Bunga Bunga, Fresh Flamingos or Dark Knights.

35£ for a monthly subscription available on www.garmence.com.


Papermint is the new French brand which will help you spice up your home. It is time to bring some colours and patterns to these white walls! And I am sure you’ll find what you love among wallpapers, stickers and posters.. All their patterns are just beautifully designed with some art deco touches. They also have just launched a kids collection – special crush on the Kitty Stardust… All products are designed and made in their Parisian atelier.

Check out and order directly on their website www.paper-mint.fr.

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