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Mar, an inspiring Spanish lady creating beautiful projects all over the world

Mar, an inspiring Spanish lady creating beautiful projects all over the world

Posted by Escape and co. | 3rd January 2017 | Portraits

Mar (her name is actually Maria del Mar :)) is a beautiful and inspiring Spanish young lady; a woman of (great) character who travels the world to create and implement inspiring projects for her brand, Neolith by TheSize. A manufacturing product which makes every interior, building or kitchen super sexy. I have been very lucky to partner with TheSize on their corporate events. And hopefully one day I’ll be able to have a Neolith kitchen…

Discover more about Mar, her favourite travels and favourite spots.

Could you explain your business in a few words?

TheSize is the manufacturer of Neolith, a super resistant architectural surface 100% natural to be used everywhere: kitchen tops, flooring, cladding, furniture, façades, etc

What do you love most about your job?

The fact that it is linked to architecture and interior design. Because of that we are continuously exposed to beautiful projects around the world.

Also, because Neolith is very suitable for kitchen countertops, it is very linked to the gastronomic sphere too. Thanks to that we are in contact with very well-known international chefs around the world who act as our brand ambassadors… This has enabled us to discover succulent and hyper creative cuisine styles.

Last but not least, I love the fact that it is a very international business as we sell in more than 70 countries. We get to travel a lot during the year in order to build strong relationship with clients and the design community. During these travels we learn a lot about cultural differences not only in terms of architectural styles but also about the way to do business… I find that fascinating!

What is your favourite project you have been working on?

This year there are two projects that I have particularly enjoyed a lot because of how out-of-the-box they are. One in Spain and one in the USA.

The first one is the ENIGMA restaurant by the famous Adrià brothers (Albert and Ferrán). For this project they contracted RCR Arquitectes who wanted to create a dreamy landscape within the restaurant space. They came out with an A3 waterpaint that they had done by hand and we had to produce custom-made slabs for the flooring, walls, bathroom and kitchen countertops and bar applications to cover more than 1500m2 of surface. It has been without doubt, the most challenging and interesting project that we have developed this year as it pushed our boundaries. This restaurant is supposed to become number 1 in the world within the next few years… so for us it is very exciting and an honour to be there.

The second project is the Neolith Tiny House on Wheels! – This is a marketing project that we developed this year to showcase the characteristics of Neolith. Tiny houses are very trendy in North America at the moment as a way to live more freely and in a sustainable way. With the same concept “Less is More”, we made out of 2 20feet container a functional 50 m2 house fully cladded on Neolith. These containers lay on a platform with wheels so the Neolith Tiny House on Wheels will do a road trip across North America stopping in all the states of USA and Canada. It is a very innovative and fresh way to promote our brand and bring it closer to the architectural and design community…

Any interesting upcoming projects that you would like to share?

Workwise – the two projects mentioned above

Personal-wise – I am moving back to Barcelona! God, I had missed it!

What are you most proud of?

It may sound like a cliché but for me the most important thing in life is family… and therefore what I am most proud of is the relationship that I have with my family. I have been living out of my parents’ house since I was 14 years old that I went to boarding school in Switzerland. After that I did my university in Italy and Masters in Barcelona and Lisboa. Then I started working in Barcelona, Madrid, Luxembourg and now in Castellon. My brother and two sisters are also globetrotters each of them being in a different part of the world at the moment.. So I feel very happy how united we are despite the distance and how much we enjoying being together during holiday break! We speak everyday by phone, whatsapp, skype, etc… and feel that each member is very present in all the important decisions of the other members… I do not know how to express it, but I just feel so proud of having such a wonderful family!

Also, I feel very proud of my relationship with Marco, my boyfriend. Soon after we started dating in Barcelona straight out of uni, we both got jobs in different cities. He in London and myself in Madrid. We were in long distance relationship for almost 4 years and then he moved to Castellón to work at my family business. I feel very proud of the strong relationship that we have built throughout these years… first getting over 4 years of distance at such an early stage and then learning how to live and work together, which is not always easy! We passed from one extreme to the other with all the up and downs that these factors have! If on top of that you add Italian melodrama and Spanish character to the equation, ehehhehe yeah… I feel very proud to be where we are now!

What is your favourite thing in the world?

Discovering good local restaurants during travels! I love travelling and eating gourmet! So for me it does not get better than combining those two together with good company!

Which are your favourite places? 

Restaurant | Uri Buri in Akko, Israel – I salivate if I think of it!

Hotel | Torral Benc in Menorca, Spain – It has everything: design, sea views, super comfy beds, ecological tasty food!

Museum | Museo Dalí Figueres, Spain – It is so surreal!

Village | Cadaqués, Spain

City | Rome, Italy – It is so overwhelmingly beautiful! Every corner you turn there is a surprise! Such a pleasure to get lost in its streets.

What are your 3 favourite spots?

Benicassim: Villa del Mar. It is an old church colonial building turn into a bar restaurant in front of the seaside. Very bohemian style; beautiful views; from time to time nice life jazz music… I love going there for a drink or for an ice cream in the afternoon. Also for lunch, the paellas are quite decent.

Madrid: Toni2 This is the most fun bar in Madrid to go with a group of friends. It is good from 3am on, after dinner and drinks somewhere else… You find such a weird-interesting mix of people inside singing Spanish classics around a huge piano: old, young, snobs, bohemians, gay, machos… some very talented amateurial singers and some others more very motivated but awful! Every time I go out at night in Madrid, I end the night there….

Barcelona: It is full of spots for me… one of my favourite ones is the stairs of the gothic cathedral entrance. I love sitting there in the afternoon when there are life musicians playing on the guitar and look at people pass by…

What is the best trip you have done and why?

Cuba. Not only the country is beautiful but it is like a trip back in time. Everything is like frozen back 50 years ago… It has a very interesting history, beautiful colonial cities like Trinidad, amazing landscapes to discover on a horse like the tobacco plantations in Viñales, breath taking beaches like Cayo Guillermo. They also have the best music and in the world (I love latin music, specially old style!) and La Havana is just full of it in every corner there are very talented live-musicians making the journey so pleasant! Last but not least, its people.. they are so welcoming and because they live somehow isolated from the rest of the world, they love talking to foreigners and sharing stories.

Out of all the places where I have been, Cuba was the most fun, interesting and complete!

Which is your favourite deco / brand / e-shop / concept store of the moment?

I love Poliform furniture… those divani! I also love SieMatic kitchen cabinetry with Pitt Cooking stoves!

How do you see your future house?

Fully cladded in Neolith and with sea views! Modern style with big open spaces and straight-lines furniture. It will have neutral colour tones on the walls, and floors and high ceilings with wooden beams.

Even though I am a big mess in the kitchen, I envision a huge island (American style) on the open kitchen around which to gather and entertain friends and family with nice food and wine!

Tell us one of your dreams…

When I was a kid my dream was to become a National Geographic photographer and go around the world living adventures and immortalizing breath-taking landscapes and people. I think in a few years when I am old enough to afford one year of continuous travels and still young enough to go anywhere in the map, I may go chasing my childhood dream!

Which is your motto?

Hakuna Matata… Live, let others live and be happy.

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