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Our Top 5 Destination Weddings locations in Europe

Our Top 5 Destination Weddings locations in Europe

Posted by Escape and co. | 24th January 2017 | Inspirations

Provence, France

Provence is probably one of the most charming and laid-back regions of France. With its pastel colours, villages overhanging on top of hills, slow-paced lifestyle, warm sun and lavender fields, Provence is one of our favourite destination weddings locations. It is home to wonderful venues which will fit everyone’s style: castles, private villas, bastides, traditional mas, farmhouses…

Andalucia, Spain

Andalucia, its moresque villages and atmosphere, its plazas de toros, beautiul haciendas, azulejos and patios make it another beautiful wedding destination.

Puglia, Italy

Olive trees, white masserias, ficchi d’india, bougainvillea… Puglia is one of the most beautiful destinations for Italy lovers and the perfect setting for a rustic elegant wedding.

Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany has become “a classic” when talking about Destination Weddings but it remains one of the most ethereal experiences in Europe. With beautiful surroundings and hilly landscapes, Tuscany conveys a very special atmosphere, as if time had stopped.

A Greek Island

For those of you looking for a beach, laid-back wedding, a Greek island is probably the best option. Warm lights, stunning sunsets, dancing bear foot in the sand…

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