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Apulia or the art of slow living

Apulia or the art of slow living

Posted by Escape and co. | 17th November 2016 | Escape

Apulia masters the art of slow living and is probably best described by dolce vita.

The beautiful pittoresque villages, the beautiful landscapes, the fields of olive trees – did you know that they are actually the oldest in Europe? – , the tomato and peperoncini grapes hanging everywhere, the barbary figs (or fichi d’india) along the white walls of traditional masserias, the transparent waters, the crudi di mare (raw fish) specialties, the gelatos… These are enough reasons to discover this fabulous region. And probably why Philippine, our founder, has even decided to get married there :) We will provide more details on this at a later stage…

Apulia is definitely one of our favorite places and here is why. First it is in Italy and that is already a good reason. Located in the boot of Italy, Apulia is bordered by the Mediterranean and Adriatic seas. Its most southern region, Salento is also known as Peninsula Salentina. This wonderful region encompasses probably all the clichés on Italy and they turn out to be just amazing. Sunny landscapes and cristal clear beaches, laundry hanging in the streets, ape (small three-wheeled cars) running up and down tiny streets, farniente (which literally means doing nothing), … Mamma Mia. Second, it has a rich history. Apulia is one of the richest archaeological regions in Italy. You will find amazing architecture everywhere you go… Ancient palazzi and a large quantity of beautiful churches are everywhere around the paved streets. And third, if you are a food lover, it is probably your idea of heaven. Wonderful vegetables soaked up with sun, raw fish everywhere as well as fried seafood and of course amazing gelati! The mozzarella is a must and you may even find the mozzarellaio making it fresh in front of you. In Apulia, even beaches are given food names :) Thinking of the beautiful Punta Prosciutto on the Western Coast.

Cannot wait to go back!

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