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Every wedding is a future memory and we want to make sure you have the best day of your life. Escape and co. creates exceptional weddings to offer you an ultimate and unique experience. We take care of every detail of your bespoke wedding thanks to our professionalism, creativity and acute organisation.


We work hand in hand with couples making sure we fulfil all your wishes, from helping you with small details to organising your whole day. From laid back beach weddings to sophisticated countryside ones, our rich European network enables us to design exceptional weddings in the region of Europe of your choice. Our experts are bilingual in French, English, Spanish and Italian.


Last but not least, we select the best partners to provide the a top quality to your project and curate all the details with love. Our goal is to inspire and guide you while planning the wedding which will suit your taste, personality and culture.

Escape and co. Weddings


We select beautiful inspiring venues in the region of your choice and shortlist them according to your wishes. We give you access to secret and unique venues. In case you like the unseen, we can also set up stunning ephemeral structures in unusual and extraordinary settings.



We design table settings according to the location, atmosphere and concept chosen together with selected caterers. We help you in the selection of a perfect wedding cake as well as a bespoke menu and drinks and think about new ideas to make your wedding day so special.



We create a design concept which will set the frame for your project and match your personality. We collaborate with our partners to find the best floral arrangements, decorations and lighting. Our talented partner designers can also create beautiful stationery and props.



We want to make sure your guests have plenty of fun. We select DJs and musicians, come up with animation ideas (fireworks, dancers, stands etc.) which will help create the atmosphere which fits you. We make sure you have the best photographer (and video maker) to capture this wonderful moment.

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